Stories from a Teacher

Stories from a Teacher

"On my first official day of teaching, I had a backpack with me. There was nothing in it. I don't really know why I took it. Maybe it made me feel more secure, the way children sometimes carry around a blanket or a teddy bear.

I actually hadn't prepared anything. I had no lesson plans, no ideas about what I might say. I had no books, no materials. I didn't even think I was going to have a job until the day before. Since the call, I was meeting with all kinds of people to get my paperwork finished and I had no time to prepare.
Some teachers decorate their classrooms. I hadn't bought any posters or decorations. The walls of my classroom stood bare.

I got there about two hours early, standing in the middle of the room, feeling a little sick. Maybe it was something I ate, but my stomach spun around inside me.

But then, as I stood there, examining the bare walls of the classroom, I started to realize, Room 203 was my room. Mine. No one else would teach in this room but yours truly, for the next 180 school days. Of course, I had been in the room a few times before, but on this day, the room belonged to me. My dream had become real.

The gravity of the whole situation really made me want to throw up."

- excerpt from Stories from a Teacher

*NOTE TO PARENTS/READERS* - Book contains some adult language/content. Book's linked short stories will resonate with high school students and young teachers.

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    I taught high school English, and I know that teaching is hard. Excruciatingly, heartbreakingly difficult. If you've never been in a classroom, officially responsible for subject matter but becoming a...

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    This book is so awesome, I am almost beyond words. Flores puts into very real detail the overwhelming emotional minefield that is teaching, and I wish we could read this as a staff book study at schoo...

  • Dawn

    Certainly one of the best self-published efforts out there, but little niggling errors like "reign in" instead of "rein in" drive me bonkers and undermine his credibility as a teacher. (You can "rein ...

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    This book touched me in ways that I thought not possible. The author clearly was one of the 'good ones', a teacher that wanted to change the world, one student at a time. I loved the laughter and conn...

  • Dixie Goode

    I got this book as a free kindle download and glanced at it at first because I have been a teacher myself, since 1989. I see some points in common with my experience and a couple that are really diff...

  • Garrett

    This is a short but interesting perspective of one man's experience as a public high school English teacher. Covering four years of teaching HS reading, Flores succeeds in reaching the readers and cau...

  • Gail

    As a teacher, I could totally relate to this book. The author doesn't pull any punches and writes about the bad things as well as the good things he did. I like that he admitted mistakes and explained...

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    Wow.After four years of teaching high school, Jonathan Flores has wrote his letter of resignation. When his students demanded to know why. In response he wrote this book of stories that span his teach...

  • Eva

    This was fun and engaging - an easy read. I was able to pick it up and put it down without a problem. These are stories of his four years teaching high school. But only four years and just stories. He...

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    I'm a teacher and I recently finished both this book and the similar book "Learn Me Good". Maybe it's because I also teach older age groups, but I far preferred this book! Jonathan Flores collected so...